Priyanka Das Rajkakati Aerospace Engineer | Artist

[Space Projects]

ESA ISEB Sponsorship for IAC 2019

One of the highlights of last year, I was very fortunate to have been awarded the ESA ISEB sponsorship for attending the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2019, in Washington DC.

An artist and Aerospace PhD student, I had first attended the IAC in 2018 in Bremen simply as a spectator - yet it was amazingly productive. This year with my own accepted papers at the IAC and the prestigious ESA Sponsorship, I went with the expectation that the IAC 2019 experience would be even richer and grant a closer access to the Space community - and I was not disappointed! We had privileged interactive sessions with several high profile personnel such as Jim Bridenstein, Jan W├Ârner and several astronauts. I came back with new collaborations in both scientific and artistic fields, presented my ideas to the exciting Space community, and even gained an astronaut mentor!

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